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What is WordPress? | Local WordPress Web Designer

If you’ve performed a Google search on “what is WordPress?” you most likely did so when considering building a website for your business. WordPress is a website creation tool that powers more than 38 percent of the web. If you searched “how to design a WordPress...

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Common Web Design Questions

Can you maintain my website? Absolutely. We provide ongoing website support and maintenance for any website, whether we built it or not.Ongoing maintenance is a critical component to keep your website running as smoothly and securely as the day it was launched. We...

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Does your business website need a blog?

What is content marketing? Content marketing is a strategy in marketing that is based on creating content of value for your community or your target audience. This establishes yourself as an authority in your niche or field of business. It creates a strong...

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Web Design Questions Your Designer Should Ask

These are some of the questions that we will ask as we build your new website. A good web design company should ask you questions, lots of questions. The more information the web design team has, the more they can build your new website to fit your needs, and those of...

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