Did you know, that over 58% of adults own smartphones? These are YOUR customers and mobile optimization is a key contributor to increased traffic and sufficient sale levels. It is quite common for small businesses to abstain from optimizing their website to a mobile-friendly version, due to them assuming that their company operation is too small for mobile optimization to be necessary.

Unfortunatly, that couldn’t be any further from the truth. In fact consumers are now spending more time on their smartphones then their PCs! It was reported that over 99.5% of mobile users utilize their devices to surf the web for various purposes. Whether someone is looking to access business information or sign onto social media, chances are that they will do so on their smartphones or internet-enabled mobile devices versus just a few years ago where PCs were king.

Consumers are turning to mobile internet browsers on such a routine basis, it has become essential to utilize mobile optimization in order to reach the most productive traffic, sales, and customer satisfaction levels as possible. If you don’t then clients will access your unresponsive business’s online platform. It likely will discourage them from continuing any business-related matters with your company, due to the inaccessibility and inconvenience of an unoptimized business website.

Websites that have not integrated a user-friendly mobile platform often transfer into congested and complicated displays when accessed via mobile devices. Such an unapproachable mobile display leads to a decrease in mobile traffic and sales. Customers are not going to want to purchase from your site, or find out more information, if the process is too difficult and exasperating for them. It works the same as it does on a PC, if it’s not easy to understand, they’re leaving. This not only hurts because the lack of a sale/lead. But it also increases your bounce rate, lowering your SEO rankings! In the year of 2014, over half of all online purchases were completed on mobile devices alone. With such a large amount of transactions taking place on mobile devices versus desktop or laptop computers, a business that has not undergone mobile optimization is sure to not be as successful when it comes to business operations compared to those who have.

Many small business owners assume that mobile optimization is unnecessary due to the small size of their marketing target, but that could not be further from the truth. According to Forbes, there are approximately 28 million small businesses in the United States alone, and new freelance and non-employer firms are continuously being opened in various industries. With so many small business being created and made available to the general public each day, people expect most small businesses to accommodate to the needs of their customers with user-friendly resources such as websites that utilize a responsive design.

Running a successful business is primarily based on the satisfaction levels of customers, so you want to make sure that you deliver tools that are as conforming as possible to your client’s needs. Doing so is sure to result in more productive transaction and traffic rates in the present and future.

Even if you think that your website’s PC version is naturally compatible with most mobile devices, it is important to be aware that while a homepage may be mobile-friendly, that does not mean that every aspect of the website is. Mobile optimization with CSS or other similar methods could still benefit your company in many ways. Not sure if your website is responsive? Check out how your website looks on a mobile phone right here!

Mobile optimization for your small business is one of the most promising upgrades you could invest in when it comes to the overall success of your company. With such a reassuring outlook surrounding sales, traffic, and customer satisfaction, optimizing your website for mobile use is one of the most profitable choices small businesses can make in the year of 2015.

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