Brightlocal released the results of their most recent study regarding consumers and a companies internet presence. There’s a lot of great information in these studies, and keeping up to date with the latest trends is part of our job here at Build Your Online. That being said we wanted to give you a few quick bits of information that once again demonstrate the importance of a well designed website for your companies success and growth.

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Source: Brightlocal

As you can see from this chart the value and importance of a website has increased since their last study, which was conducted in 2014. 36% of those surveyed stated that they are more likely to contact a local business if they had a website. At the same time there was an increase to 9% of people that will NOT contact a business if a companies website is ugly or outdated.

The days of not having a website for your company are over for anyone trying to grow their business. The importance of the internet is quickly spreading even into suburban and rural America. As internet access has grown and the explosion of the mobile web simply choosing to ignore the internet is no longer an option for business owners.

An investment into their digital identity is something that can be put on the back burner for any company looking to stay relevant in their industry. At Build Your Online we stay on top of the best ways to use the internet for each industry. The internet is a 24/7 operation that is always evolving, growing, and expanding. A website created just two or three years ago can easily appear outdated or ugly to modern standards. The importance of your website being responsive increases daily as traffic on mobile devices increases as each day ends.

Are you a business who is looking to make an investment into your future? We are here to help you make sense of the internet and how to make it work for you. We understand that the bottom line is what matters most, and we provide only solutions that will bring back a positive return on your investment (ROI). We don’t offer cookie cutter solutions, as each industry and each company has different goals and different problems to solve. Let us do a FREE marketing analysis on your current digital presence and see how you can grow your company.

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