Many folks start off the New Year with high expectations and new resolutions. This is not any different for the thousands of small business owners in the area. However instead of the common goals of going to the gym or spending more time with family, many owners find themselves wanting to grow their business.

Small business owners are forced to wear many hats and roles, and unfortunately are unable to put the time into internet marketing like they should. What most do not understand is the potential for growing their bottom line using digital marketing. Most ignore the internet, or just put up a template website and consider themselves covered. Some owners aren’t sure what internet marketing even is. Here at Build Your Online we have written lots of articles explaining the importance of internet marketing and the success and growth of your company. However, due to time crunches many owners never get to really read and understand the importance and potential impact on their bottom line. Even if they do have the time, getting a full understanding is hard to do while completing other duties of their business.

Many who make resolutions end up failing within the first month. It’s hard to start a new routine or break out of old habits. For the small business owners they have to consciously decide to sit down and spend time, they often don’t have, to determine a path to growth. Many often leave the growth of their business up to luck and hunches, often spending money blindly. At Build Your Online we work with companies and assist them in reaching their fullest potential. We have a full understanding of the importance of the internet, having a responsive website, being active on social media, the potential benefits of YouTube marketing, and how being optimized for Google Maps is vital to your success. We also understand that money is tight for many small businesses. With that we provide solutions that enable you to understand the value of new customers to your business, determine the ROI of our internet consulting services as well as offline marketing, track incoming leads, and more. All of this makes you a better informed business owner and allows you to make smarter decisions based on facts instead of hunches.

In 2016 Build Your Online looks to help even more local companies in Cecil and Harford County Maryland as well was New Castle Delaware and beyond, grow and meet their goals. Our New Years resolution is to inform and educate small business owners about the power and importance of the internet. Let us help you reach your growth goals, contact us today!

Let's meet your 2016 goals together!