If your business gets inbound leads over the phone or includes its phone number in its internet marketing campaigns, then call tracking should be part of your model. Trying to understand your marketing performance without a call tracking solution is akin to throwing darts in the dark.

Why you should use call tracking

1. Know your customer: To give you metrics on your inbound calls, call tracking solutions create a unique phone number for each of your online ads and direct these numbers to you line. Have an advertisement on your new responsive website? The number you use there will be different than the number in the ad you may have in the Yellow Pages or on a billboard. The point is to know where your customer is coming from, so you can tailor the message accordingly.

2. Know your best ads: By implementing call tracking you are able to determine which internet and offline marketing efforts are working, and which are wasting your money.

Let’s say you have three marketing campaigns: One is local SEO,  one is a billboard, and the final is offline print. Each of these campaigns would have unique phone number, all directing back to your sales line. By providing analytics on each unique number, call tracking lets you quickly determine which campaign is the most effective at generating inbound leads. Using this data you can quickly determine the ROI of each marketing campaign, and determine how to spend your marketing dollars.

3. Know your metrics: Call tracking is a simple solution that will give you significantly more data about your business.


By using call tracking, you get the offline data to track the lead conversion process from beginning to end. Without call tracking, you’re shooting blind.


At Build Your Online we offer call tracking with all of our internet consulting services. This provides all of the above benefits and allows us to show you on a monthly basis the value we are providing your business. Don’t get fooled by cheap SEO services that just promise to rank keywords and no reporting.

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