At Build Your Online we believe in transparency in our Pay Per Lead services. This means that you are able to view the number of leads sent to your business on a weekly basis. This enables you to keep an eye on your goals, and evaluate exactly how well we are performing. By allowing potential customers to contact you via phone or email you can be sure you’ll always be able to assist your fresh exclusive lead. And if you miss an incoming call, the caller’s phone number is emailed to your account so you can get back to them ASAP!

By tracking each lead, you’ll be able to learn a lot about your own business. You can determine the best sales practices, determine what makes an ideal customer, determine the ROI of your other advertising, and compare to all your other marketing efforts.

What can you expect with our Pay Per Lead services?

Total Transparency

You’re able to see the leads we have sent your business. No more trying to back into numbers or estimating your return. With Build Your Online you know exactly what you’re getting, so your ROI is easily determined.

Qualified Leads

When someone picks up the phone to contact you, they’ve done so after reading about the services you offer. They are effectively pre-sold on your services, making it easier for you to close leads and turn them into paying customers.

Exclusive Leads

Our leads go instantly and directly to your company, and no one else. No more week old leads, no more waiting in line to submit a bid and join the race to the bottom on price. With us, potential customers contact your company directly, and only your company.

Higher Ticket Prices

We don’t bring in leads by advertising being the cheapest guy in town. Instead we do our best to convince potential clients that the company they’re about to call provides a superior level of service. Our leads are more likely to pay more for better service, which means no more trying to compete with the fly-by-night contractors that can bid into the basement.