What is Pay Per Lead?

Pay Per Lead or PPL is pretty simple, you only pay when a valid customer lead is delivered to your company. It takes the guess work out of advertising and managing your online presence. No more paying up front for a billboard or newspaper ad, then hoping and praying your ad attracts the right kind of people. Then hoping these people find and see your ad and then decide to act on it to start making your phone ring. With pay-per-lead, the leads come to you first, then you pay! How refreshing is that?

Why Build Your Online is different?

There are tons of online marketing companies who sell leads to contractors, many are nationwide, and have little knowledge of the Maryland and Delaware region. Our leads however are different then those provided by other companies, such as HomeAdvisor. We provide a unique marketing experience, that is specifically designed for service providers in our geographic area. We also don’t sell you leads that have been given to all the competition. If you partner with us, you will get exclusive leads, that means they aren’t shared with any other contractors. There is also no minimum term for our contract, and can quit at anytime (although most stay with us and keep asking for more!).

We’re not your average pay-per-lead company

Over the years we have polled local contractors about their current lead generation service. We found that many folks had the same few complaints, no matter which company they were using. At Build Your Online we’ve worked hard to build a solution to these problems to reduce your frustrations and improve our customer satisfaction.

  • Not getting the volume of leads you wanted (too many or not enough)

With us, you get to choose how aggressive you want to be. That means we will work with you to bring in the volume and type of leads you want. It’s not an exact science, but depending on your needs at the time, we can alter our marketing campaign to bring in the flow of leads you’re looking for!

  • You had to compete with other contractors for the contract

Nothing like being herded into a house one after the other like cattle, competing with a frugal homeowner that’s looking for rock bottom prices, huh? While great for the consumer, we didn’t think that made a whole lot of sense for the contractors. A race to the bottom is not where you want to be. With that, we only send a lead to one contractor, so no paying for a lead you have no chance of signing.

  • You were over billed

We’ve heard the nightmare stories…you signed up and before you know it you’re stuck with thousands of dollars in fees and you’re not sure where it all went. Don’t worry…with us, you ultimately decide how many leads you want, and you can accurately track our efforts so that you’re always aware of how much you’ve spent.

How our pay per lead services are better

Higher valued leads

Our marketing doesn’t scream “cheapest guy in town.. call now”. Instead we communicate the value and experience of your company and target your perfect customer. Our partners report a higher average ticket price from our leads then compared to other advertising services. We are certain that you’ll experience the same high value!

Direct, immediate communication

We don’t sit and act as the middleman pushing leads to one company or another. We stay out of your want, and let you field your leads as you see fit. We let you provide your quality service right from the start. That means you communicate immediately and directly with your new potential customer. This helps provide an even higher close rate and the leads are as fresh as you can get. This beats the competition, who at times provide leads that can be up to 10 days old!  

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