If your business depends on customers from your local area, it has never been more important than now to claim and properly optimize your local online directories. The main player in the local listing scene is Google and when you have your listing claimed and set-up properly, your business will display to local customers on the Google Search, Google Maps, and Google+ networks.

There are two main reasons to properly optimize your business information in your Google My Business.

  1. Show up across the Google network.
  2. Ensure your customers are getting the correct information about your business.

Showing up across the Google network

When you have all of the correct information entered into Google My Business portal you will be displayed correctly across the entire Google Search network. This includes the Google Search pages (google.com), Google Maps, and Google+. They also do the hard work for you, making sure it is accessible and easily viewed no matter what device your potential customers are using. If you are running a sale, changing your hours for the holiday, and more can be updated and will be displayed whenever your company is found via Google.

Giving your prospects & customers the right information

When a potential customer comes across your information via a Google service, they are often looking for exactly what you offer. This information can help them quickly find your phone number, email your business for more information, or to find directions to your local store. All of this results in more customers reaching out to your or coming to your location, and in the end more sales. Not claiming or updating these listings often results in customers moving onto the competition.

Need help setting up your business on Google My Business?

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