Do 360 Photos Help Your Business?

You’ve probably noticed 360 photographs when navigating online. From Google to Facebook, they’re popping up frequently. You can easily navigate a 360 photosphere by swiping your finger on your phone or with your mouse on a computer screen. And if you’re hardcore, you can do a virtual reality headset and really feel a part of a photo.

Here’s why you should take notice of 360 photography and consider adding some for your business:

  1. Google rewards businesses that post 360 photo spheres with higher rankings. They’ve pushed businesses to add 360 photos. In fact, 360 photos are usually at the beginning of the list of photos on Google, bolstering the effectiveness of photo spheres. Google prefers them so much they’ve created a partner program with photographers to enable local businesses to buy them and add them to their profiles.
  2. Consumers are using mapping searches and are more likely to visit. According to a study commissioned by Google, 44% of people are using mapping products when searching for a business, and 41% of these searches result in an on-site visit. It’s not a surprise that Google calls your Google business listing “your most visible asset”.
  3. Photo spheres are particularly good at showing the feel of a space in a way that a flat photo cannot. By its nature, you get the benefit of a wide angle view that is typically only available with an expensive lens. 360 photos can really give a prospective customer a feel of the quality and variety of the products they sell.
  4. 360 photos are just cool! I believe that you gain a certain (and varied!) amount of street cred for having them posted to your business. You’re demonstrating to a prospective customer or client that you’re “with it” and not stuck in the 20th century. If you’ve taken the time to put 360 photos on your Google business listing, then you’re likely to be on top of other trends as well.
  5. BONUS – Update regularly. Just as Google and the search engines want to see your website updated regularly, they also want to see photos added periodically.

At a minimum, claim your Google My Business listing and post some photos taken inside your business or with photos that represent your work. Just doing that is an important step in the right direction.

Need help optimizing your Google Listing? We can help, contact us today! Need a 360 photo or tour of your storefront? WAGS Media is here for you!