Local Business Looking for Leads?

Are you a local contractor who is trying to grow their business? Are you a plumber, carpenter, landscaper, painter, roofer, or any other home contractor? If so, then this information is for you!

At Build Your Online we have found that home contractors have the biggest problems with using technology to grow their business. Many times they simply don’t have the time. They are running from job site to job site, managing projects, making sure each site has the resources they need, etc etc. You may have a receptionist manning the phones for you, but they’re not doing any real marketing for you either. Also, you got into your field because you have a certain skill set and marketing and keeping up on the latest internet marketing news isn’t it.

Should you use HomeAdvisor Pro?

We have dealt with several companies that have fallen for this trap. You want to grow, this large national chain is offering you new business. Sounds great, right? Maybe, but make sure you understand what you’re doing before you begin.

Read these complaints from actual HomeAdvisor customers!

  1. HomeAdvisor actively builds links using YOUR brand name but uses their website and phone number. This has a few big negative effects. From another HomeAdvisor user “So, if you sign up for HA, you are giving them the right to use any information on your profile to actively direct people back to their service!  I couldn’t believe it myself until I read their terms of service and then did a quick google of my business name.”
    1. If you have your own website, social media, etc then they’re ruining any local SEO that you have done. They’re muddying the waters for Google and making your NAP (Name Address Phone #) inconsistent. This might not matter to you, but to Google it does. Your website is going to get less leads. Maybe you’re just starting out and you don’t have a web presence. One day you might, and you’re now going to have a very hard time counteracting what has already been done in your name. Even if you stop using HomeAdvisor your brand is now all over the internet promoting HomeAdvisors phone number and website.
    2. Say you’re an established brand and you have people looking for YOU because YOU have a good reputation. They know have a very good chance of finding a HomeAdvisor listing with your info. Now if you do get their business, which should have been free because of being referred you’ll be paying for it. Also HomeAdvisor doesn’t just give you the lead, it goes to other folks as well. So now you’re paying for a lead that would have been free, and you might just lose it to local competition.
    3.  This is YOUR brand and you’re essentially giving away the rights to it to HomeAdvisor by signing up. Building your brand online is exactly what we are about here at Build Your Online. The importance of this is vital to the success of your business in the future. You’re giving away that control, and it’s not something we’d suggest doing. Especially when they’re using your brand to serve their interests and not yours.
  2. HomeAdvisor used to be named Service Magic. Just do a Google search for how contractors liked their service, you’ll see why they went and re-branded.
  3. HomeAdvisor is marketed as a free service to consumers, thus you’re getting a lot of unqualified leads who are just kicking tires. However you’re paying for each and every lead that you receive from them. Also the leads aren’t just coming to you. You’re paying for a lead who may or may not be really looking to buy, and then you’re in a race to the bottom with competition.

Ok, no HomeAdvisor Pro. Now what?

Whether you’re a new business or established we suggest checking out a local internet consultant. Building your brand is crucial to your future success and should be handled by a professional. An investment into a professionally built online presence will pay returns for years to come as opposed to the short term potential wins from HomeAdvisor. Some internet consultants will even offer a pay per lead scenario in your area, just ask! These are usually much better investments, even at a higher price per lead. They will not hijack your brand and lead it back to their properties. Also they generally only do business with one company in an area. That means the lead is yours and yours alone. No race to the bottom with pricing resulting in higher ROI. Finally, the leads are often more qualified as they don’t come in via a national chain offering “free quotes”.

Build Your Online is here for all your internet marketing needs

If you’re looking to build your brand then we are here for you. We offer a wide variety of internet marketing services to build your business and provide returns for years to come. We are in business to grow your business, it’s what we do. If you’re not ready to build your brand, then we can still help. Reach out to us and see what we can offer you in your industry and location. We may be able to offer you qualified leads for actual customers looking to buy your product/service today. If we don’t we may be able to still work with you on a project to get leads to you WITHOUT ruining the future of your brand online.


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