Each conversation with potential Local Search Engine Optimization clients generates a list of concerns and questions. We at Build Your Online thought it would be helpful to share some answers to our most frequently asked questions. If you have others, of course please don’t hesitate to contact us.

How much do local SEO services typically cost?

Each client and project is 100% unique, and of course pricing is the same. It depends totally on the competitiveness of the keywords and the market you are ranking for. We require each client to fill out the discovery form so we are able to do a detailed analysis of keywords and website optimization prior to providing you with a proposal.

How long will it take my website to rank?

It takes much longer to rank then it did a year ago, two years ago, five years ago. Previously, we could rank a website over a weekend, however times have changed. With technology and improvements in algorithms ranking is all about the long game. We ask our clients to give a minimum of three months to get their websites moving up in the ranks. The good news is that once you are ranked with high quality solutions your rank is much more likely to remain.

Do you guarantee number one rankings?

Simple answer, no. In fact, you should run away from any SEO company that guarantees you number one spot. There is simply no way for any company to provide these results. We do however have many clients who are ranking number one for many of their desired competitive keywords.

Will you provide us with results?

Each month we provide our clients with ranking reports. We can also schedule a monthly call to discuss your web analytics in detail so that we are always on the same page. Google delivers enough surprises to us, we don’t need additional ones by discovering our clients are unhappy or have had an ongoing concern.

How do I measure local SEO results

There are two aspects you are following, traffic and conversion. The number one goal we have is to rank your site near the top of Google for the keywords we determine are the most important. These are the keywords that are going to generate highly relevant traffic. Once we see an increase in traffic, we then monitor the conversion rate of your website. We use several methods to determine the conversion percentage of your website. We then use this data and make adjustments as needed to maximize your traffic and conversion rate. Increasing your traffic while increasing conversion percentage is the easiest and fastest way to grow your business.

Why is there a monthly maintenance fee?

Once the initial optimization is completed, we will continue to make changes to your website and adjust to the results. Along with ongoing changes to your website, we also improve your off-page optimization. Without continued maintenance your results can disappear, just like joining a gym. You can not simply get to a point and then stop working out. Over time your body will return to its original form. With the constant updates from Google and the competition always working against you, the same can happen to your website. We not only do our best to get you to the top, but we keep you there.

Why is there an upfront and monthly fee

This is because there are two distinct differences in our optimization. The first initial optimization focuses on your website and addresses all the issues that it may have. This is a very elaborate and time consuming process. The monthly fees then cover updates and changes and continued optimization. This keeps your site ranking and continues to keep you ahead of the changes to Google’s algorithm.

Is there a long term agreement

There is no long term contract. We do however hope that you are happy with the service that we provide. Again we focus on communication and maximizing your marketing dollars that lead to new leads.

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