Best Tech Services Inc.

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Best Tech Services Inc. is a well-established HVAC company in Perryville, MD. 

When Best Tech Services Inc. reached out they had a generic templated website. It however wasn’t performing and they hadn’t received a legitimate lead via their website in months. We conducted an audit of their current internet marketing to determine the best course of action. We found that their company did not show up in Google search results for any of the services they offered in any of their service areas. 

With this information, we suggested our foundational SEO package coupled with a new properly structured website. They had been in the HVAC business for decades, however, their digital brand was almost non-existent. We fixed this by implementing our proprietary SEO foundation strategy. With this foundation set, we then moved on to building out our basic website build. We focused on driving traffic to their most profitable services and converting those visitors into actual calls and form fills. 

Best Tech Services now has an established online brand and now shows up in search results in their general service area. As the brand becomes more trusted within Google, their reach grows organically and their web traffic grows along with it. If they decide down the line that they want to expand their service area or are able to handle more service calls, they now have a solid foundation to build from. 




Calls Increased

Using analytics we were able to show an increase in calls along with their Google Business listing increasing exposure. 

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