Looking to improve your local search ranking? If you’re a local business with a website, you may be doing local SEO, but did you know that’s not all that matters? Are you listed in Google 3 pack? Getting in the coveted 3-pack will help you reach more local customers, stand out from your competitors and get more out of search marketing (in less time).

What is the Google Local 3 pack?

The 3-pack is found in local Google searches. If a local search returns a 3-pack, it will always appear at the top of the page, usually alongside a map. For businesses looking to reach more customers through Google Search, it makes sense to optimize for this prized peace of search engine real-estate. These search results not only are at the top but they stand out compared to the organic results. The 3 pack is displayed often on searches done from mobile devices and is appearing more and more on desktops as well.

How can I rank in the 3 pack?

Getting your website in the local 3 pack is not like ordinary SEO. For a start listings in the 3-pack are based on Google Business listings. In the 3 pack Google ranks businesses, not websites. This makes the process simpler, but how can you get your business listed here? The first thing you have to do is claim your listing, for every location of your business. This is a simple process of Google mailing you a postcard and you verifying that you’re a real business.

Once you’ve established your listing there is a lot more to getting it listed at the top. Here are a few things you can do to improve your rankings:
-Choose an appropriate category for your business.
-Complete your profile with images and branding.
-Include a local phone number and address that is consistent with your website and all directories. This is also referred to as NAP (Name, Address and Phone Number).
-Increase links to your listing

Want to rank in the Google 3 pack?

Want to see the benefits of ranking in the Google 3 pack? Want to track the increase in clicks to your website, customers getting directions to your locations, and clicking to call your company? Let Build Your Online help you with your Google Maps Listing and let us help you get in the 3 pack!