Importance Of Great Photos For Your Restaurant

Customers first eat with their eyes, so the photos that you use on Facebook, Instagram, and your website are really important when you are trying to convert prospects into customers. One of the things that slow up our new restaurant web design builds is waiting for photos from a restaurant owner. As with many business owners, owners of restaurants often are wearing many different hats, and a photographer isn’t one they’re used to.

Many restaurant owners spend hours upon hours crafting the story of their restaurant. From where the food comes from to how the meals are made and each detail of the dining experience. Your message will never be fully realized by a potential customer who has yet to step foot into your establishment, without great photography.

As with anything, hiring a professional should be considered. Someone with years of experience in shooting restaurants and food will obviously have a better eye, better equipment, and provide better results. Sometimes though as you’re opening a new establishment you don’t have the capital to spend at the moment. If this sounds like you, here are a few tips on how to shoot a better photo.

  1. Go towards the light! Lighting is crucial to composing a good shot. If you aren’t shooting in good light, it’s incredibly hard to take good photos.
  2. In order to fully capture the “essence” of the restaurant you’re shooting at, shoot dishes that work within that restaurant’s color scheme.
  3. To make the most of multiple dishes, shoot items in groups of three, creating triangles. Triangles naturally create dynamic photos, as triangles have the minimum amount of sides needed to form a complete shape. So grouping things in triangles creates both structure and simplicity.
  4. Adding the human element of a hand within your frame brings out this sense of communal eating.
  5. Salt shakers, water glasses, menus… though they don’t bother us when we’re eating, they have no place in restaurant photography. Be sure to remove any items that are unnecessary to your shot, as they will only make the table look messy and cluttered.

These are just 5 tips that can help compose and construct a better shot for your restaurant. Creating fresh content for your social media month after month is a crucial part of marketing a restaurant today. You should set time aside every month to accomplish these goals.

I don’t have time for this!

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