In the search engine optimization (SEO) game Google has most of the power. As of 2014 Google completed 64% of the searches done online. We already know that having a optimized web presence is important. More and more people are turning to the internet to find the goods and services they are looking for. Mobile search numbers are constantly increasing, requiring local businesses to evolve and embrace the internet, or get left behind.

Google in the process of coming out with a new version of it’s Android operating system. Within this update there is an improvement to its mobile search. Google is calling this feature “Location Aware Search”. The name pretty much explains what it is. It will not take the users location into consideration when doing a search. Instead of having to say “What time does Jimmie’s Auto Salon close?” when you’re arriving for your car detail. You will now simply be able to say, “What time do they close” to Google and it will return a result.

This is of course ONLY if you’re optimized for the internet and have a good online presence. What if you don’t have a website, a Google Business page, nothing. Or what if you had your nephew create it a few years ago and let it sit. If you’re not online then your customers get no answer. Is that the type of experience you want to provide? Customers continually show that they are more likely to visit and continue to frequent places that provide a good online experience. Or maybe worse, you have the online presence but it’s not managed and out of date. Now your customers are getting WRONG answers. This could be the wrong store hours, the wrong specials, sales, etc. What if you’re at a fairly new location. Often if you don’t optimize your online presence the previous businesses information is still in Google. When a user searches for information they’ll be getting the name, bad reviews, and information for the previous business.

Google will continue to bring out updates and new features to their services. This type of thing will not be stopping anytime in the near future. Because of this, ignoring the internet and your online presence just isn’t possible anymore. Contact Build Your Online and let us help make the internet work FOR you instead of AGAINST you.

As always we are here to help you with any and all of your internet needs. Our main goal is to drive customers to your door.

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