So you’ve decided that your website isn’t cutting it. You’re not driving clients to your company, it is outdated, your cousin’s nephew’s boyfriend made your website and it doesn’t represent your company well, the list goes on. Or maybe you’ve thought about a website but just don’t know where to start. That’s where we at Build Your Online come to help design the best website for your business.

Web Design Project Kickoff-

We will go over your goals for your site, your customers, your organization’s history, where you are currently, and where you want to be. To design the best website, that delivers optimal results, we must know what makes a business go. We will listen and accept input throughout the project and deliver. If something isn’t right, we change it!

Learning about your organization’s objectives is of utmost importance to us. We understand the web, so you can be sure that all of the right questions will be asked, helping us get a solid understanding of your business goals and your online marketing requirements.


We will do this together by determining:

-What sets you apart from competition?

-Who is your target audience?

-How will they find you?

-What value will they find from your site?

the list goes on…

Once this is complete we will layout the technical and creative requirements of the web design project.

Content Strategy

Content is king, with that in mind we will take a close look at the quality and quantity of existing content (if applicable). We’ll mock up a sitemap for your project and come to agreement on where everything belongs, how we plan to communicate your message, and determine the features your users require.

Search Strategy

Maryland Local SEOAt Build Your Online we specialize and understand Local Search Engine Optimization. We know the best practices for SEO and implement them in any new web design. This will include how your site is structures, syntax of URLs, meta data requirements, and content hierarchy.

Project Roadmap

We will create a roadmap for your entire project. This enables everyone to be on the same page as to the completion of your new web design.


We will go over the color palette selection. Then we obtain any logos or other graphic design you may require.


Using the style created in the design stage we will develop a web design that works best for your company. We will check compatibility in multiple browsers as well as mobile devices.


Once the website is designed and developed we will begin to bring the new website online. We will migrate any content from your previous website. We will go through the final run through with you and set up a launch and release plan.


Hooray, you’ve made it! You know how a website designed specifically for your company to drive customers to your door.


Want to keep your new web property up to date? We can do this as well! We offer content updates, plugin and other improvements and patches. All of this is done to keep your website up and running to continue to drive customers to your business.

Let Us Help Grow Your Business